Sunday, May 8, 2011

Brave New World~

Happy Mother's Day everyone!!!

So tomorrow- I am still working on the second boxes for a few of you, and the singles from late April , early May- which are within TAT- YEA!!. And I did find three small orders I didn't even know I had, and still searching for the paypal invoices for and to hear back from each person.
After that it should all be officially wrapped up tight by this Monday meaning tomorrow. We ran out of couple of 4in1's scents and sprays, that dang cart makes no sense at all.  It had me make a bunch more handmade creams that we did NOT need , and not enough 4in1's, figures it would make me work more on the really hard stuff, like a whole batch of 2 oz VCS butter??? But no Peche Melba 4in1( thats the french spelling BTW;)) SO we made a little extra to list of things we ran out of and I also have Eclipse back in stock so that will be added to the left overs as well.
So anyhoo, if I can wrap it tight by tomorrows end meaning nothing left at all for MG, we will do stock counts and relist leftovers this Tuesday evening.
I want to let you know now there is not a lot leftover as we thought there would be, and why I had to wait as well , I didn't dare sell off anything we needed. That stupid cart must not have pulled everything that wasn't "finished" as an order ,  because of paypal glitching and not  letting many people pay that night, I don't think it pulled the stock. I really thought it looked like it did, ahhh  the mystery of x-cart..%$#@&*!

But no matter-we are doing short bursts DTM style for a long while now, I will be making batches of stuff then listing, then make more.... and list, and so on.
 The only thing I can foresee which will be a problem is you guys are no longer accustomed to not having enough moopoo to go around, and why I always did made to order, so I could offer enough for everyone and not have to predict which scents you wanted, the only shock was almost each and everytime was selling out:)~whoops. Some of you may not agree with that statement about enough to go around, but there has been a lot more people happy then unhappy in the past couple of years.
 I do believe if we keep with it this time, for a longer amount of time, it will even out eventually. At some point,  I hope by this midsummer , there will be enough and then some for everyone. I think the mistake I made on ETSY was I listed too much at once, and some of it was still made to order. I was shocked when I listed 27 of each scent and it was gone in like two seconds, list another , same thing and so forth, and the nightmare backend of Etsy also added a lot of time to my TAT. The way ETSy is set up people ordered one item at a time then I had to find them all and then give one invoice for each person, IT is no way any of your fault, it is simple ETSY is not suited for larger volume selling.

Another thing I like about BC is  I can do a maintenance page  and list the new items all at  once for the batches I have made,  so more variety of products all at once . So you will have more items in matching scents to choose from too.  I am still working out how to do  "previews" with  new scents and products with detailed descriptions , I think I will put them on the ML site still, but no big to do announcements for " Drive thru Moo " items, but I can't really predict how this is all going to work, so please bare with me while I work it all out, and I am open to suggestions too.

And when there is an LE collection I will announce it here and blog and my site, and it will be much much smaller in the amount of variety, for instance only four LE scents at time with about five products for each scent, so tighter and  faster for everyone. And those will be on the sight as well as previews for LE collections.

 Skye is right , that cart is a nightmare, so I have made a new Bigcartel site for now until I figure out what can be done and what there is  to do with my cart. There will be some work going on with the tags and links on ML soon, we hope the wonderful guy who is going to try can figure it out can succeed where we could not. Skye and I have tried a million times to find where to change the blog link and others and can not see it anywhere.
So to save me even more time and give me less of a headache for paperwork I think its best we move back to BC for awhile, they have added so many new cool things to their carts, products variants, digital downloads, so many possibilities and gift certificates too!! I LOVE bigcartel I really do!!  And your orders are all on your paypal invoices so no more hunting them both down~ awesome!!!
This should make it easier for EVERYONE  for a while. It makes me so mad that the BC cart can do so much where mine which cost a small fortune is a piece of poo! I LOVE LOVE the design, HATE with all my heart that cart, but I digress...
so here is our new temp home for now, we are gypsy I tell ya, I will post Monday night if we are a go and what time on Tuesday:):

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