Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Other side of the Moon!!

So the triples I have only about three left total, doubles about nine, singles about twenty-four, and the big guys aka  quads on up about eighteen more, not including the seven I have on the work table right now finishing up.
I am having so much trouble with our printer /computer communication, I am going to go ahead and print as many shipping labels as I can ahead of time to save frustration and further delays. I normally do not do that unless I am right on your box, but it is costing so much time right now and I am so close to the end anyway, I hope that is ok with everyone. I estimate this sale to be wrapped up by this Monday night at the latest. 
So bottom line is if I print your label expect it to be shipped within four days or sooner of printing. And the singles -triples I have refunded immediately so far upon printing your label, but the quads and up I will refund the extra shipping paid with in a week. reason being I have to sit down " calmly " and figure each person out on a case by case basis, as you bigger guys already know, most of you have more complicated issues to work out with past invoices , international shipping fees and what have yous.
So see you guys on the other side of this Mardi Gras madness shortly!!

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