Wednesday, April 13, 2011

MG collection update #2014 ;)

ok! quick update busy busy day ahead!
So I pushed myself late last night or should I say early early this morning, and got every single last single done in the 900-1199!! Yea!
And..... I am popping the cherry for the single orders in the 1200's placed from the 18th-19th today,  and as I progress , I will keep hitting the rest of the single 1200's until finished.

Multiple Order  News: I am still on the multiples placed the 18th-19th in the doubles, then onto the triples and so forth.
The heaviest load was the singles again so that is now done, and the next heaviest is the doubles from the 18th- 19th ( I have been attacking them as I did the singles,  but now can give my full attention) .

And  I reorganized my folders and I think I have only about 27 people left from the 18th with a double, so not too much longer before I hit the triples. After the triples , are the bigger and bigger hitters but they start to get smaller and smaller in number of people as the amount of orders for each person goes up.

I think I can safely say today, there is now a pinhole of light at the end of the MG tunnel, now to just keep pushing forward until I can get to the bigger and bigger rocks and clear to home!
So talk to you all soon ( and I am tired and punchy so please be kind at my metaphor abuse;))

oh- one more thing, the " Magic" post is sitting on boxes again , and also after they drop them off in San Jose, which is about an hour and a half from here, I have no idea why. There has been budget cuts so maybe... But we will try to use the local one here in town instead as much as we can to help speed delivery time up, we would use them more but their hours just don't work with my DH's work hours and I don't drive , and the reason we use the Vallejo one so much, plus drop off window no line- bonus! So anyhoo, point being , sorry for all the last big drop offs just sitting in the Cali post for no reason, but I had no control over it. ok~bye

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