Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Update ~ May orders

Hey everyone, still plugging along, but didn't get as much done this past weekend as I had hoped. I worked everyday but we had a sick minimoo on our hands, he has a sinus infection and a molar coming in which made him really sick, cranky and not sleeping through the night ( not like he really does anyway) ALL weekend, Friday, Sat, Sun and Monday, its been a longggggggg weekend.

And because of the holiday, no doctor appointments yesterday, but we got an appointment this morning, and he is back on antibiotics and already feeling a little better.

I have all 25 singles in various stages of completion so it won't be much longer, then the multiples right behind.
I anticipate ( and again, knocking on wood not to jinx myself as I always do) being on the multiples this week.
I hope you all had a great weekend for me:)!!!! Talk to you all soon~moo


  1. i hope minimoo feels better soon! keep up the great work.