Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Shipping Invoices and estimations

Hey guys,
 I am and have been invoicing late at night the shipping invoices or giving refunds for them for early Aprils listings, please, if you think I am wrong for the amount please don't hesitate to let me know, no worries at all. 
There were only about 15 orders that I charged shipping for and about 400 I didn't , so there are a LOT of them to get through, and the Dh did a new program that finds exactly what you paid verses what I paid for shipping, but of course it can not account for previous orders that need adjusting, or if I invoiced you in one big invoice for all your etsy transactions and already charged you shipping, so please just let me know and I will correct it.

And I am still trying to figure out how much longer before we start shipping the May orders, I think in about another ten days is my best estimation, so sorry for the delay, there have been so many obstacles to overcome this past round.

And perfume replacements I am still in the process of doing,  a total of about 52 bottles were the casualties:(, not including the unsold bottles still here around 40, and the ones I  pulled before they left here about 30, total: 122 !!! ouch!

But we do seem to have our site back, but still have cart issues, so it will take a while to work this out still, but we are hopeful:)

Good news is the labels for the scrubs for May's listings for the" Let them Eat Cake" collection are really cool!!!! and done with the help of the wonderful graphic artist Narry!! She is so wonderful, I asked her for some in that theme and she made a sheet I could alter, love them!!!! Wait until you see! Visit her at:

ok thats all for now, thank you all so much!!
Blessings Moona

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