Tuesday, May 18, 2010

White Chocolate looks like a lovely brown

Hey everyone,
I just wanted to pop in here and let you guys know the White Chocolate combo scrub, so frustrating, the soap didn't change color nor did the cream, but the scrubs, she has changed!!!
 They are perfectly fine and fresh and smell delicious, but White they are not. It is the oxidation happening to the oils and nothing wrong, it sucks though, I keep trying to find oils that don't change colors, and so far have not been very successful at it. I suppose its because I make a lot of scents with vanilla in them.
Let me know if the color is not acceptable for you, and we will work something else out.
But please let me know before I ship it. I will try to email each person as I get to each order right before they are shipped out.
Thanks Guys!!!


  1. Um...I didn't *order* a White Chocolate scrub (ahem, forgot the Etsy sale, which is when I assume they were listed?), but if it bothers anyone else, I will gladly take it off their hands, lol!

  2. lol Autumn! I will keep that in mind in case anyone does not want theirs:)
    How are you???

  3. I agree with Autumn! Moona products are wonderful no matter what their color. I'd take scrubs and lotions in any shade of the rainbow. :D

  4. I know I'd take it if it were puke green, Moona :)