Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ramblings, soap boxes and TAT

what are with the Goddess faces? < Solid chocolate face I made to top my dark chocolate torte from this past Easter family potluck (looks kind of Ostera like ? ;)

I am posting here as well as ETSY in case you don't want to~yawn~ scroll down and read all the older stuff on ESTY:)
NEW messages on ESTY:
Oh- and you may have noticed the new sections here, and see Limited Edition Collections and ask yourself, huh? I thought Moona was only doing those on the other sites??? Well we are but, while I am in the process of making things , I will list just a few here to give a little taste first.:)  

TAT and multiple orders: I ship the single orders first, then I will combine ETSY only orders together, but once your package has started to be processed I can't add after that. and I am going to way over estimate my ESTY TAT- 4-6 weeks business days only( I way over estimated remember ;))

And why is my TAT always so long you ask, well it is because we make so much, about 90%, of our products from scratch, this includes ALL of our incense and candles which are all made by me, " moona" by my own two hands. We do NOT purchase bases and purchase fragrance and just pour it in a jar and call it "handmade", and this why we have a longer TAT. ( turn around time) . So many in this business call their wares "handmade" when they are not. If ever you are in doubt, ask them to take out an ingredient for you ( of course you may have to purchase the whole batch if they are making it from scratch , as in my case if you request alternative ingredients:)), and see their response. And my scents are about 95% propriety recipes as well, and not a single purchased fragrance and just poured in. I have in the neighborhood of 5000 ( no kidding) natural components and fragrances combined to make and create scents from. And why you may find them unique. If I do run across a scent that is soooo good, and I don't want or need to do anything to it ( which is really, really rare) , then I tell you. And always have. Not saying anything against anyone who uses bases and purchased scents, I just wish more , especially on ETSY would be honest about it. It is confusing to the consumer as well as unfair to the businesses who are honest about it ( why not say you use bases and why your tat is so bloody fast !!), And not fair to the artisans who truly hand-make their items. It also creates even more emails for me to respond to why I am taking so long to finish orders. I can not compete with a company who uses mostly pre-made items, not with their TAT or their cheaper prices, I just can't. And as fast as this industry is growing I feel they are pushing out the true artisan maker more and more. So having to make all the scents , and all the products from scratch, and all the labeling and packaging, add up to a longer TAT. Ok, I will jump off my soap box now:)

what is this?< new upcoming Dark and White Chocolate Combo Scrub
Ok- blog only now- and after all my yammering about TAT- I think we can START the shipping at the end of the week or sooner!!! Thats is because I did list one of my very few bases, Potion Lotions, and the leftover Winter collection is done of course, and why its "leftover" , and because I only listed two kinds of scrubs , very few soaps choices which are done as well. Now off to the daunting task of making all those creams:) I like to make them as close to the end as possible to give them to you as fresh as I can. Because goodness knows if I made them in the beginning they would be sitting here waiting to be shipped for ~~~~~ well lets not go there.
Talk to you all soon! Blessings ~moona

ooo, ooo forgot_ I got two new ginger's in, all natural, and OMG- one is like you just sliced a piece of ginger open its amazing!!! Now what do with it?? hmmmmm


  1. My body products are my luxury,
    my primary self- indulgence. I don't want products that are basically the bath/body version of cheap fast food.

    Discerning women, women of taste, understand your art & know that what we receive is well worth the price & the wait.

  2. So eloquently put Geekbabe and seconded too .
    It's 8.45am over here in Ireland , is it wrong to want cake at this time of the morning ?
    What a truly decadent piece of work .

  3. So Moona, can I come over for Easter next year? :D I'd love to see more baking pictures, or even a recipe!

    I agree your products are amazing! And always worth the wait. My Moona products are among my favorites, and the ones I have to wait to use because I just want to sniff and stare at them for a while first.

  4. Ok , I can do that! Sounds like fun!