Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Testing Testing 123

Welcome to the new blog!!!
The new design is not yet done but will be soon and it is AWESOME! Thank you Kira from : ♦ ELIXIRELEVEN / DESIGN + FOUNDRY ♦
She ROCKS! But notice the cool and nifty banner which is now also on my etsy and bigcartel sites:)

So onto other Moona news. The candle pillars and incense are done!!!! But we still have a lot of other things to finish up , and the good news is it shouldn't take longer then a couple of more weeks before they are ready to start boxing up and shipping out.
But since the Halloween festivities are so close now, if you want your candles or incense in time for Halloween and you don't mind me using the extra shipping you paid towards the box or me invoicing you again when I finish and ship the rest of your goodies, then PLEASE PLEASE EMAIL me HERE :


with either: the correct email account you used from paypal or your trans numbers from the order or orders you made. So many times people want me to look up thier orders , and they used one or more different email accounts and or names ,and it drives me batty:) I am unable to look up your orders if I do not know the name under which it was placed.
So once you do that, we will then ship the candle or candles and incense out to you asap in time for your Halloween rituals and parties.
Thanks Guys ~Blessings Moona


  1. I love Blogspot. This is great. How about adding a "Follow" Button to the margin?

  2. Cool, I will look behind the curtain to see how:)

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  4. Sorry typo:) It is up there under "followers" let me know if you can't see the button.

  5. Hi Moona,

    Just writing to tell you how much I love your things. Your black mamba scrub is to die for, it smells so good. Your white chocolate body nutter has the most unique feel and scent, it glides on almost like an oil would but leaves no grease, just softness!

  6. Well thank you:) I am so pleased you like your goodies I made for you!
    And thanks for posting!!! :)